1692: block

I’ve had quite an amazing case of writer’s block this month. It’s to the level that I’m glad that I’m no longer a reporter.

The reasons for this lack of an ability to write are myriad; I’m working toward fixing the main reason.

Long story short, Although I spent a lot of 2012 not exactly working, I never sat down for 10 seconds and processed the entirely of that apocalyptic year. I came to a few conclusions (including one drawn for me as I was too stupid to realize it) and had a rare consecutive-days-off weekend where being out of the house for a full 24 hours with no 100 percent concrete plans was the point of the weekend.

It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve done that. Far too long.

I’ve been faking it until I made it since about August, and not just with writing. I know one weekend isn’t going to fix everything but it’s a start.

It’s a start.

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