1694: not the post you were looking for

There is a giant entry I need to make and I need some time to sit down and write it. Much like a revision to another piece I’m working on, I need the perfect conditions with no interruptions or it’s not going to happen. I really need a library/study.

Anyway, here are some other things that have been going on:

  • I took a trip to Northern Virginia about two weeks ago. It was my first three consecutive days off in a very long time and the first string of days off without real stress in more than a year. I really needed it. What I didn’t need was a pounding headache that turned my three-day weekend into a five-day weekend. I described it to some people who posited that it was a migraine. It makes me wonder if some of the “sinus” headaches I thought I had when I was younger actually were migraines because this isn’t the first time I’ve randomly had a headache that has literally put me on the floor for more than a day. I’m hoping this was a fluke.
  • Things are going pretty well at work. I finally feel comfortable there now. That only took five months. The biggest chunk of the building renovation, redoing the newsroom, is effectively complete. My desk is enormous. My chair is extremely comfy. I have set responsibilities and such. It took some adjusting since I had spent a couple of years cowboying my way through a lawless newsroom and I knew I couldn’t just make arbitrary decisions in a structured environment.
  • Renée and I have been looking a new places to live. Yes, we’ve only been here four months but this is really not where we want to be. Although I hate apartments with the a passion that burns with the flames of 1000 suns, there’s a complex under construction that sounds sexy enough for me to change my mind. Then again, if there is a house in Fry’s Spring or Belmont around the same price, I’m going for the house. I want a yard. I want a dog.
  • I had hoped to go to The Postal Service concert in June but I misread when tickets went on sale and they’re all sold out. I want to kick off my birthday month with a good concert. I must.
  • Things are boring but not on the home front. I get home between 10:45 and 11:30, we have dinner and then we do random stuff until nearly 3 a.m. That all changes beginning Monday, so we’ll have to adjust to a new routine.
  • Speaking of home life, no, no we have not done any real wedding planning. We don’t even have a date set yet beyond 2014. I almost want to say, “screw it,” get the wedding bit over with like next week at the courthouse and plan for the Reception to End All Receptions. Our problem is that, in respect for Renée’s family, the wedding needs to be Saturday evening and the reception can’t be XTREEEM. My plan, of course, is to have a wedding after party. What is settled, and I think I mentioned it here before, is that my bachelor party is in Cheyenne, Wyo., because Bill Paulus is the greatest best friend in the world who also may be called an expert grenadier.

In short, I’m OK with where things are right now.  I’m looking forward to spring. By the time I’m done with the second annual March photos, things are going to be awesome around here.

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