1696: happy birthday, nicole

Nicole Cobb

Her middle name is Louise. Long story.

Four years ago today, I left the Pomoco Nissan in Hampton with this car. Unlike, my brief stint where I went through cars like water, I plan on keeping Nicole until she’s officially a clunker. And then my kid’s driving her in high school.

I would go to the car wash today but it’s supposed to rain. I’ll just wait until March. If four years ago is any indication, there is still a threat of a major snowfall still. But I really need to get that brine mix they do here from under my car soon.

On the day of the car, let us reflect on my cars past. I mentioned some of this about a year ago, though.

I. Erin. 1995 Dodge Neon. I had her from 2000 to 2003. She was a major piece of crap and was the unconfirmed car of the daughter of a former Hampton police chief. I got the Carfax report on it after she was wrecked and that couldn’t be ruled out. It looked like she was possibly a repossessed car from Florida. From all that was wrong, she probably was a hurricane car from Florida. I got her painted an iridescent green and nearly had every broken thing fixed when someone changed lanes into me during the summer of 2003. Being in a mostly wooden area with an iridescent green car may have contributed to that accident. We went through hell and high water together. I still hold respect for that car and all she stood for. I still have her license plates, photos from the accident and a car magazine singing the praises of the new Dodge Neon.

II. Simone Tiffany Crystal. 1989 Toyota Camry. I had her from 2003 to 2006. We kept this one in the family. She began as my sister’s aunt-in-law’s car, that she bought brand new and rarely took out of Baltimore city limits. After Theresa’s car died some time after 1997, she was given the car. I put more miles on her than were on it when she became mine. This is the car that infamously had the cooling system blow up a mountain in Grayson County, Va. She survived that, me rear-ending someone, an electrical shortage, and having a window broken and the stereo stolen in Newark. Simone and I just weren’t good for each other, apparently. The cooling system blew again on Happy Hill Road in Chesterfield County, Va. I drove her back to my mom’s house on a wing and a prayer and she never moved under her own power again, as far as I know.

I miss Simone every now and then.

III. Julian Horatio Tennyson Crystal III. 2006 Nissan Sentra. I had him from 2006 to 2007. I was never happy with this car. He was nearly the basest of the base models. Like the step below this one didn’t have a stereo. I didn’t have intermittent windshield wipers. He had a lawnmower engine.  I had more amenities in Erin. I constantly longed for  Simone’s leather seats, sunroof and power windows. I was poor and I was over having mechanically crappy used cars. In retrospect, I should have kept him for a few years.

IV. Marian Michelle Moreno. 2007 Nissan Sentra. I had her from 2007 to 2009. Despite disliking Julian, I fell in love with Nissan cars and Marian was a sexy vehicle. I would still have her but I drove that car into the ground and I still feel bad about it. I had the greatest number of road trips in Marian.

As you can see, I’ve had Nicole for the longest for quite some time now. I’ve been a somewhat responsible car owner since taking her home and we’ve had a great time together. It’s been nearly 90,000 miles. I’ve really cut down on how much I drive, although my longest single road trip has been in Nicole. I have two major trips I want to do soon and I want them to be in Nicole. One of them is the oft-talked about but never undertaken Voyage I Redux. I did say that I was taking someone the next time and there would be photos.

Referring to things in the early days of this blog is probably opening Pandora’s Box.

But that adventure is just a two-day trip from Cville of about 550 miles. And the 10-year anniversary is next year …

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