1700: the new exit265c.com

Well, I’ve finally done it. After talking about it since at least this past June.

I don’t quite know what to put on the home page exactly, but there’s now a home page. This blog is now under its own page called the viaduct. In fact, only the blog is called the viaduct now. The website is now EXIT 265C, which makes sense, considering that we’re at frigging exit265c.com. Also, I changed my user name to “the viaduct” so all the dynamic pages (i.e. the blog and its sub-pages) are identified as such.

Obviously, the new header image is neither a viaduct nor the eponymous exit. If you’ve ever seen Exit 265C (scroll down a bit), you know it’s not much to look at. (ASIDE: I was in Hampton that day in 2010, and I can’t with 100% certainty say that is not my car taking the exit when this photo was taken … especially, if you go back to some previous photos and that car makes a maneuver I very well would have at that moment. But I digress.) The photo is the junction of the Downtown Expressway and Interstate 95 in downtown Richmond.

As for the nav bar, the About Me page is pretty much the same. I killed the direct link to my page design and my résumé since I’m not on the market. There’s a link to the CLOG stuff in that section instead of on the front because it’s not timely anymore and I probably won’t update it ever again.

The third page is the wedding page, which is under construction. That pretty much sparked the whole redesign. I figured we needed a wedding site and I then thought to myself, why get it hosted somewhere when I can just create a page on my own site? I didn’t want to have a blog site with a wedding site attached so I now have a site with a wedding site and a mostly unrelated blog attached.

At least I got provoked into action.

Now I just need to finish everything I need to finish with my novel so I can also shrill my book here as well so this truly becomes The Official Website of Elliott Robinson.

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