looking back on this march’s photos

This time around, it definitely seemed more like a chore than anything else. That doesn’t sit well with me.

The main problem was that I had a lot going on over the past 31 days and heading out somewhere to take a picture wasn’t a part of the game plan. Additionally, it snowed bunches. Twice.

Also, despite typically being off three days a week and taking a pseudo-trip to NOVA, nearly all of the live photos were at work. I spend roughly 40 hours at work like everyone else so it’s really odd. Then again, I tend to not have consecutive days of so it sometimes feels like I’m always there because I’m kinda always there.

Only five of the 33 photos were old and two technically were graphics. That’s an improvement over last year.

BUT, I need to get out more.I nearly went the entire month of March without leaving Charlottesville and Albemarle County. I need my schedule to match with Renée’s more so we can leave the area but, still, I need to just head to Richmond on a day off or something. Not being alone, as I have Renée and Katy here, keeps me from being too stir crazy but I’m usually not one to stay home. At least I have a New Jersey trip lined up for later this month, two weddings in May and I’m going to try really hard to have my birthday week off and spend a good portion of it in D.C. Despite the traffic, the place is growing on me. I guess it’s because a lot of my college friends are from there and moved back or moved there in general. I can be inside the Beltway in about two hours from here with less traffic hassles than pushing up 95 most of the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I need some sweet RVA action soon as well.

But, overall, I at least need to enjoy this city more. On foot. With my cell phone or that overgrown point-and-shoot I have. It’s almost warm enough to count as spring here. I need to recapture some of what I lost after 2006.

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