almost time to go back to the grind

I have about 16 hours of pseudo-vacation left. It’s been a good five days and I’m looking forward to showing up to work Wednesday completely fresh.

Besides this whole having a head cold thing.

It appears that, whenever I’m out of the office for three consecutive days, I get sick. I think this one was totally my fault. It was quite cold and foggy in Asbury Park on Friday night and I really was not dressed warmly because of the whole finally being spring in Charlottesville thing. I was starting to feel progressively awful Saturday and, by the time I was heading into Maryland Sunday, I knew for certain I was sick.

I’m still going to work tomorrow. My five days off were a result of the stars and planets aligning perfectly and for me to call in tomorrow would be rude. I wanted to say something else here but I’ve been doing quite well with not swearing on the Internet for a while. This was the first time I’ve purposely censored myself; I think I just slowly began to realize that I didn’t need to drop f-bombs every other word. Watching my language in other situations, that’s another story. I swear my mom is going to pop my mouth one of these days.

But I digress.

I took some photos and I put some of them on Instagram. There aren’t a lot and they aren’t particularly good. Also, I have a more cohesive narrative of what did and didn’t happen. Once I feel less like death warmed over, I’ll do that entry.

For now, I need to focus on getting well and pounding out some newspapers this week, gearing up for a wedding I’m attending and working on the logistics of a wedding I’m in (not officiating this time).

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