greetings from asbury park, n.j.

I never made it in time to go to the library.

I got to Brandon’s in Alexandria with enough time to get to Monmouth County before 5 p.m.

Then we got stuck between Washington and Baltimore for two hours.

Instead, we arrived at 8 p.m., met up with Pete and Dowiak, and headed to Asbury Park.

We went to a restaurant near The Stone Pony and, that was one thing I wanted to photograph at the least, in the event that I couldn’t go tracking down my family. From there, we wandered around some more and I stumbled across Madam Marie’s granddaughter’s psychic shop. We would have headed to the boardwalk but it was obscenely cold and foggy, which probably contributed to the cold I’m 99% over right now.

The next day, we headed to Atlantic City and stayed at an overpriced hotel. As the day wore on, I felt worse and, by midnight, I had given up and gone to bed. By midnight on a Saturday in Atlantic City, N.J.

BUT, before I could go to bed, I walked back to the hotel room to see it was on fire had a false alarm.

After that, I came back to Virginia and I’ve been whining about being sick ever since.

OK. It wasn’t that simple but, it wasn’t a knock-down, drag-out adventure, partially because I went out in the cold and damp by the sea Friday night and caught myself a nasty cold. I spent my other days off work going to Richmond and staying in bed to be sick.

It was fun overall, though. I hadn’t had five days off without it being “under duress” since 2011. It felt good. I would say I feel like my old self again but I feel like my old self with a cold.

In other news, I’m going to Pat Kane’s wedding next weekend, going to a going away party for one of the reporters the following weekend and then going to Falyn and Isaac’s wedding, of which I am a part of the wedding party, the weekend after that. Afterward, it’s this blog’s ninth anniversary and then I turn 30. It looks like May and the rest of summer are going to be fun.

Hopefully, I won’t catch another cold.

And, when I head back up to the Jersey Shore, I can see whatever became my great aunts and their offspring AND figure out for once and for all if my grandfather counts as being from New Jersey. This is important. Very important, I do declare.

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