coming soon

I have a post I need to write about last weekend but it requires me to upload photos and have some peace and quiet to sit down and write about it. It has been pointed out that I have really been slacking at this but I’m engaged and I have a career and I never established, over the past nearly nine years, exactly what this site is supposed to be (hence the blog no longer being the main page).

Speaking of nine years, holy crap. We’re eight days from the ninth anniversary. I do plan to have an overarching, obnoxious theme for Year Nine being the countdown to my wedding. Then we’ll have the 10th anniversary also being the month of my wedding and then I’ll go on with what  I’m sorta planning for the 10th year of this. That will most likely be me commenting then on it being the 10th anniversary of me turning 21, and now I have enough grey hairs in my beard that my boss noticed them today from a reasonable distance away.

Anyway, there is a real post coming and I have more in me beyond the upcoming festivities. I just don’t have the right medium. I’ve been trying to contemplate and right in some varied areas here but my efforts keep getting thwarted. I went up a mountain recently but I wound up spending most of my time there on the phone with my mom. I haven’t seen her in six months and I need to visit her soon or else. Earlier this week, I sat under a tree next to the James River and I was in a great moment of inspiration that got cut short. I have a table and chair at my house here but it’s still not the ideal setting and I can’t really sequester myself somewhere to just write because this place is too small.

Said Elliott Robinson, as he wrote nearly 350 words on how he doesn’t have the time/proper location to sit down and write.

But this is a problem. I’m ready to write. I just need to get away from all these damn people and be comfortable and have a nice glass of wine or something.

You’re killing me. All of you.

But I digress.

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