wedding entry some of you won’t want to read no. 1

In this installment, I’m somewhat working things out in my head and wanted to write them out to solidify them a little.

If you’re reading this and somehow haven’t picked up on it, I’m in a fraternity. We’re a close-knit group, and I consider many of them to be close friends. Beyond that, I have my friends I’ve met from elementary school through a few months ago.

As much as I would love to, I can’t invite them all to my wedding.

We haven’t fully talked about how large we want this to be. The last time we did, I was able to jot down 80 people I wanted on my side of the aisle off the top of my head. That’s ludicrous. I’ve half-seriously considered live streaming the entire thing here so anyone who wants to be a part of this can at least be there virtually. I guess that needs to be a serious consideration.

Another option could be having a small ceremony with our inner circles and families and keeping our current date for the reception/31st birthday blowout.

Regardless, I need to hack my list down some more, and we need to make a real list. Once we have a full idea of how many people are going to be there, we can start scouting out venues. And I can finalize the designs I shared earlier for the save the dates.

Hacking the list is going to be hard for me. There are people I want there because of our long, storied history together. There are people I want there because, although we haven’t been best of buds for 10,000 years, they’ve touched my life in short enough time for me to want them to be a part of this special moment. There are people who have to be there, because I can’t have my mother be the only member of my family there.

I think, since the wedding is going to be on a Sunday, we could make this a multi-day event where we can work in some people, especially those who live in reasonable driving distance to Richmond, on Friday and/or Saturday in the downtime before showtime. Unless Shaunelle moves out of my old house, we should be able to throw some event there for the “we’re so sorry that we can’t fit you into the wedding, but we can celebrate that and Elliott’s birthday here” crowd.

I’ve primed the pump; now it’s time to start discussing these things. We only have a year.

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