wedding entry some of you won’t want to read no. 2

We can check one thing off the list: Making the wedding guest list.

Since, as I said before, I would invite the entire United States of America and half of the islands of Malta and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta if I could, I thought it best to let Renée take the lead in making the guest limit. Including children, her list consists of 92 people. With a heavy heart, I cut my list down to 88. A lot of my friends are still single so I went below the limit because there’s a chance that some of these people will bring a date.

I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I’m still a little concerned that someone would be offended because they’re not invited. I think the wedding being on a Sunday helps that a lot. Since this is going down on my birthday weekend next year, I can see who I can get to come out for my pre-birthday party earlier in the weekend. I guess this feeling is because I don’t take being friends lightly. That’s probably why my connections to people are more tangled than a Charles Dickens novel. Seriously. I want to commandeer a giant whiteboard and display the connections I have with various and sundry people.

I haven’t used the world sundry in a while; I may be approaching the true end of my writer’s block.

On to the next daunting task: Getting these people’s addresses and finalizing the wedding design so we can send out the save the dates.

We have 369 days.

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