it’s a celebration, take two

we're in the air

I took the Blue Ridge Parkway to Roanoke.

I celebrated my birthday Sunday doing what I do best: Driving.

I also got a new phone, which posted this entry before I was finished. OK. That was totally my fault. But whatever.

There was no reason to go to Roanoke besides why not. Renée and I took the Blue Ridge Parkway there because it’s been a while since I’ve driven for pure pleasure and enjoyment, and I like driving in the mountains. After we explored downtown and had dinner, we headed to Mill Mountain within the city of Roanoke.

of course I didn't get a better shot

Sunset over Roanoke. I could have done a better job of shooting this.

We met up with Rachel, one of my friends through my tangled web of knowing Pat Kane and everyone else in North America. This is continuing my trend of picking a random place to visit in Virginia and then remembering that I know someone there. That happened in Lynchburg a few weeks ago with Bogle.

I wouldn't be against moving to Roanoke

I wish Charlottesville had an overlook.

Because I rarely take photos of people on purpose, my phone was a-dyin’ because it wasn’t fully charged when I got and I was screwing around with it the entire day, these are basically the only photos.

The three of us looked over the city and the supermoon for a while before getting ice cream and talking in front of a strip mall until after 11 p.m. I then took the surprisingly short trek up Interstate 81 back to Charlottesville.

Although this doesn’t match many of my post-20 birthdays, I enjoyed myself. We’ve covered a lot of ground in Virginia in the past few months, which is what I love to do. I haven’t been to Roanoke since 2004 when Simone a-sploded near Whitetop Mountain. It was the first time I really stopped and looked around. I could totally live there under its neon star if it came down to it. Obviously, I’d rather be in Richmond or some other major city, though. Mostly Richmond.

My 30th celebration continued its low-key start with a trip to the movies today and more ice cream. Then I had a wild night of drinking an entire half-gallon of cranberry-grapefruit juice and eating pomegranate Greek yogurt. Wild times, I tell you.

The debauchery continues on my third day of vacation with me mowing the lawn, finishing laundry and buying duct tape.

Don’t worry: I’m not going soft. There will be celebrations. Oh yes. My mom wants to go to a karaoke bar Wednesday night. I haven’t gotten belted out a song in public since 2011. I miss it. I should have enough free time to hunt down a few people on the Peninsula. I still might work in visiting people in NOVA or something and there’s my unofficial birthday party in Richmond on Saturday I’ll be three, technically seven hours late to. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about that.

And, anyway, next year is going to be the party. Oh yes.

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