milk was a bad choice

This summer is the first one I’ve had in 16 years without air conditioning somewhere in my house. I would get a window unit for my living room but having a HVAC system, or a helluva lot more windows, will be a must for my next place and I don’t know what I’ll do with the window unit I won’t need. I know, sell it on Craigslist. But I’m a tightwad at times and I don’t want to sell something that’s nearly brand new at a loss.

Anyway, it won’t do me much good because it won’t be in the bedroom, hence the topic of this entry.

It’s too hot for me to sleep.

When I was a kid, our house didn’t have air conditioning. It was built in the ’70s and I guess having more than a furnace back then was like getting power windows or cruise control. I spend the 1980s and a chunk of the 1990s not sleeping entirely through the night. I just can’t do it when I’m too hot. I’ll lie there for who knows how long and then I’ll keep waking up.

I don’t understand why a situation that was in place from the moment of my birth isn’t something I’m acclimated to. Then again, I can tolerate heat during the day better than most people. I can deal with a fan but it needs to be intermittent or a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan would be perfect but, because our roof is so low, it would hit me in the head. I’m not even joking.

Maybe I’m just to demanding.

Maybe I’m just like my father, too bold.

I gave up this morning. Two-and-a-half hours before my alarm goes off: Close enough.

The next 45 days are probably the hottest of the year and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I know, at some point, I’ll just get overwhelmed and regain my superpower of being able to sleep through a party. Or I’m taking a sleeping pill for the first time tonight.

Overall, I’m OK with my apartment but being in this hot, poorly ventilated box really makes me regret choices I’ve made in my life. I’ve been looking for my next place already. Never mind that the lease isn’t up until the end of September and apartment complexes are out of the question forever (after that whole Walnut Hill lack of responsive maintenance and gang claiming the laundry room crap). I like torturing myself with all of the amazing stuff up for rent Aug. 1 I can’t have because of when I started this job.

We’ll have something awesome come October, trust me. I rarely make the same bad decision twice in a row. I do have the memory of a goldfish so I do repeat some mistakes, but never twice in a row.

I have about three hours before I need to be at work. I think I could actually fall back asleep now but that window has closed.

This is reminding me of how I bought Julian out of desperation and then traded him in for Marian. Except that I’m not in the dealership waiting for Julian to get an oil change with Miss Power Windows and Cruise Control in my face the entire time.

Well, I hope it doesn’t completely remind me of that scenario because Marian was sorta a lemon.

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