if you were curious


This will rank as one of the shortest moves in history.

Here is the new place. It’s also the current place as I live underneath this place.

Another interesting tidbit about this house I’ve noticed is that it’s identical as far as its shape to the house where I was renting a room in Jacksonville.


The major difference between the two is the layout. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same. I think they’re even the same size, minus a spare room where we’ll have a  deck. It took me a year to notice this, probably because I never really looked too hard at upstairs because I didn’t live there.

Additionally, I have to park on the street and said street is too narrow for me to 180 my car swiftly, unlike life on North 33rd. I’m still annoyed.

Could be worse, I guess. This street is, for all intents and purposes, a cul-de-sac.

Our landlord has begun a near-endless stream of prospects looking at our current place, which spurred me to pack up nearly all my things. Although I’ve been on my own for more or less seven years, I’ve never had to experience a showing. It’s very weird and I hope to postpone going through this as long as I can.

I planned on doing absolutely nothing today (which I wound up doing) but I couldn’t exactly because a future building-mate was supposed to come today. He or she did not. It’s a good thing too because I really need to finish doing the dishes and put some stuff in the recycle bin.

As I waited for someone to look at our currently spartan rooms and envision their own belongings there, I wanted to sit in the living room in a dirty T-shirt, surrounded by beer cans.

“I’m moving upstairs; won’t ya be my neighbor?” I would have said before burping.

That would have been hilarious until my landlord set the lease aflame.

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