turning back the clock prototype


A year ago Sunday (Aug. 18), I sent an email to the publisher of my current newspaper. I had an interview date set up two days later, which led to a secret “I have a job interview” post. I had a job offer before the week was through.



I contacted an editor in North Carolina, which led to a secret “I have a job interview” post. Then Hurricane Irene. A novelist couldn’t have plotted out the remainder of that year and the way those two events factored in.

Additionally, an earthquake near where I would eventually work.


And then, each month in 2014, I would do this all the way back to 2004.

I wrote this now because I woke up this morning remembering that this was the week coming to Charlottesville was set in motion.

And to point out that this isn’t the third year of a secret “I have a job interview” post.

Oh, while we’re at it …



This happened. A few days later, someone tried to get me fired. I still don’t know who because the publisher refused to tell me anything beyond someone was trying to get me fired, that he disregarded whatever he was told and that I should trust no one in our coverage area. Because it was like that out there sometimes. Oh, but I was thinking about saying goodbye to the Tri-Cities then.


Well, I did nail down moving upstairs earlier this month. I guess this is just the Month of Transition for me.

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