on the road again

This time next week, I’ll be in Tennessee. Last weekend, I was in Northern Virginia. At the start of this month, I was in Fredericksburg. Since the end of June, I have been in Roanoke, West Virginia, Hampton Roads and Richmond.

I haven’t torn up the roads like that in a while. It feels good.

I’m looking forward to the Tennessee trip for a few reasons. I promised Isaac’s brother Tim that I’d hang out with him a few years ago. He lived in Manassas at the time. Procrastination has led to this trip because I keep my word, damn it. Dave is taking the trip with me. Dave is a copy editor at my paper. Dave will no longer be a copy editor at my paper by the time we take this trip. This wasn’t planned.

I don’t have any other major trips planned the rest of this year beyond two fraternity-related trips (I think I accidentally scheduled myself to miss one) and Renée wants to go somewhere for her birthday. There was supposed to be a giant joint birthday party but that fizzled out. I blame it on everyone’s age.

On the wedding front, I’m 95 percent sure we have the venue down. Now that that’s essentially done, we can actually do the rest of the preparations. We need to do that soon because my mom is starting to freak out and I’m obsessive with planning major events in advance so I’m starting to freak out.

In other news, we’ll be in the house upstairs in 30 days or so. I’m looking forward to getting out of this mostly basement. I’ve been partially packed for some time now and we might buy Dave’s couch. We’ll still need furniture for the rest of the house. I wish I still had my seating for 11 people I had back in 2006.

I’m continuing my writing breakthrough. The biggest, easiest fix to that chapter that became my brick wall was killing some of my favorite dialogue, including my favorite line in the novel. That’s the nature of the beast. That’s how you get it done. You can’t be married to any part of it. There’s very little left of the original 25-part outline: There’s a lot of dialogue that made it over and the plot’s the same to an extent. I passed out some “final drafts” a few years ago that are nothing but red herrings at this point. To that I say, good.

We’re approaching my year anniversary here. It was Sept. 10. Last year had a lot of turmoil and September was the beginning of me coming in for a landing. A lot has changed in the past 12 months and I’m relieved that, overall, it’s been for the better.

Let’s continue.

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