nothing runs smoothly in the life of elliott robinson

So …

Not that So.

But so …

Our neighbors upstairs planned to be moved out fully today, which would have meant my landlord was going to do whatever he was going to do upstairs Friday (minor stuff like steam clean the carpets because the upstairs was renovated about two years ago). The closing on the neighbor’s house has been pushed back for the third time so they’re here till the 30th unless my landlord tells them to get out now.

If they are here till the 30th, that means I move on the Oct. 1, which helps because I’m about to start a stint of working 40 hours in the next four days. Note that today is the third day in a row that I’ve been off and there is little I can do because you reach a point in packing where you can’t really pack any more unless you’re moving in the next 24-48 hours.

The problem with this is that the new tenants in my current apartment were supposed to move in Oct. 1.

This all could still work but the chance that no one will have a chance to thoroughly clean a space before leaving bothers me.

Then again, the new folks downstairs most likely aren’t moving in Oct. 1 because it’s a Tuesday. If that’s the case, that will give our landlord enough time to do stuff upstairs and for us to do stuff down here before the transition is done.

The cable/Internet downstairs gets cut off Sunday. There has been no response from the landlord yet. He has been doing this for a while and of course it falls apart when I’m trying to move.

I fully expect this to just be a complete cluster for the next few days.

I know it will be fine but I’m more than a little annoyed at this whole situation.

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