we’re in

After a marathon nine-hour move and cleanup, we are in our new place.

Body parts I didn’t know I have are in pain.

To recap, the previous tenants here couldn’t move when they wanted to because the closing date for their house got pushed back thrice. Additionally, they had some problems with moving out. I had three days off, the third of which was their original move-out day. The new tenants are coming at some point today, so I was going to start on Thursday or Friday and slowly move and clean throughout the weekend.

Instead, I got to start the moving process at about 2 p.m., more or less alone. As in I got help moving the bed and the couch. Everyone who was going to help me had to work yesterday BECAUSE IT IS A MONDAY. I was lucky that I was able to take the day off to take care of everything. That probably would have been impossible if I had any other job or weren’t in management.

I got whacked in the head with the bed frame. Another part of the bed frame slammed into my right thumb. I have what feels like a lightly sprained ankle. I had a hard time going to sleep because, if I turned certain ways, I would have pain in my back. I had to go to work this morning at 10:30.

But, I have some of my art up. Renée wants real art in the living room and she’s right. I want my typographic map of Richmond, my broken Honeywell plant photo and my vintage PBR ad in our office, which I have dubbed the Clair Hanks Huxtable Memorial Room because it’s mostly my stuff. Most likely, it’ll just be a room we rarely use, like the third bedroom in the House 245 because, now that we’re somewhat settled, I’ve noticed that I’m spending an awful lot of time in the kitchen because it’s not, as I described downstairs earlier today, a hallway with a stove in it. Additionally, I think the house had a fireplace at some point because there’s a weird architectural piece between the kitchen and the living room that is the perfect height to be a standing desk.

It would be a perfect standing desk if my feet didn’t still hurt a little from yesterday. And my ankle didn’t hurt.

But anyway, I’m happy where we are and it already feels like home.

Mostly because I was able to add this little gem to what I guess was a rail to hang a tapestry (aside: I was allowed to have this).

The photo on the left is the shattered photo of the Honeywell plant in Hopewell.

I don’t think I get delivery this way.

I’ll take more photos when it looks more presentable. Or, if you live in/near Charlottesville, come visit.

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