slowly, surely

We both had normal work schedules this week so getting unpacked and settled hasn’t been fully manifested yet. I was off Friday, so I was able to build a bookshelf and put those away. My books aren’t in order like they were in Richmond but the name of the current game  is get these frigging boxes our of here.

Also, our bedroom is the wrong room. Again. Our neighbors have a floodlight on the side of their house. It beams into the bedroom like the sun, even with the blinds closed. We either need to buy blackout curtains or swap with our office.

I want a new table for the office and a reading chair. When I go to my mom’s house, we’re going to see if a newish recliner she decided she doesn’t want can fit in my car.

The living room looks nearly presentable. We have a makeshift coffee table for the time being and there are piles of things that are either getting donated or don’t have a home yet.

I’ve been able to get the drawers of my warped dresser closed (it got jacked up when it had to serve as a counter for our microwave and coffee maker). I plan on using it as a counter for things like my glasses and cell phone in the bedroom. The downside from having a late ’40s house is that there are only two outlets in the bedroom. I can’t put the “nightstand” where I really want it because of that. That’s another problem with the office: There is only one outlet in there and the bed would most likely cover it. Blackout curtains it is.

I met the people downstairs a few days ago, Tammy and Andrew. I think we’ll all get along, but our schedules most likely will make interacting difficult.

I’m enjoying the sunlight, multiple rooms, having a porch and a deck, being able to lift my arms over my head, the ceiling fans and the art deco doorknobs.

After a year, it’s great to be somewhere that feels like home.

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