father’s side

I saw my Aunt Betty and my cousin Evette today. (In my book, it’s not tomorrow till you go to bed; I’ve spent a few years feeling off a day after staying up 24+ hours or taking naps that went way too long. But I digress.)

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen them. Although I may have seen Evette around: Our times in Richmond overlap and we had the same haunts. That reconnection was needed. I hope I see her brother next. We’re the same age. I forgot. That’s how long it’s been.

Another cousin friended me a few days ago. Aunt Betty said it had seemed like the family has been trying to get together lately. She’s right. I need to get back into finding my great aunts’ offspring in Asbury Park.

Aunt Betty also gave me my half-sister Chanelle’s phone number. Over the course of changing phones since sophomore year at CNU, I lost it. I sometimes forget I technically have three older siblings. I was the closest to Theresa and, typically, when I say “my sister,” I mean her. I need to change that.

Chanelle texted me tonight. She was on a conference call and said she’ll call me in the morning.

I hope we can meet up before I head back to Charlottesville. I’ve seen my sister; I want to see my sister.

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