So. My laptop bit the dust. From what I can figure out online, the graphics card died so it won’t boot. This is due to the wonky screen.

I’m broadcasting live from my new tablet, LSW6. In theory, I can rescue my files from V . … I need to, since the (should be) final draft of Brown River Blues is there as well as my music and such.

I’m sure I can recover my shizz and move on soon.

On the bright side, I can handwrite my blog entries, as I don’t have a keyboard. Despite my outrageous cursive, it’s keeping up 80% of the time . I nearly said 90 but fail.

As I said in my last freak out, I didn’t want to make a purchase this close to the wedding but I kinda had no choice.

In remembering LSW1, holding basically a full computer in one hand whilst I handwrite something is nothing short of amazing since 1999.

Welcome to a new era.

I hope I get a laptop for Christmas, though.

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