one month

We’re more or less settled now. There are still some things left to do, like buy get a kitchen table, in the event that we have dinner guests one day, and staff like that. Otherwise, it feels like home.

What’s most surprising is how our stuff furnishes a home. It shows how miserably cramped we were downstairs. Yet again, a good portion of it is my stuff.  I don’t understand how my belongings can fit neatly in a Church Hill bedroom or nearly furnish a 1940s two-bedroom.

My mom bought us two lamps. We don’t need lamps. We also don’t need a ham and a turkey but we have those too. I think she’s just beside herself with joy over me living in a home with my bethrothèd.

Speaking of downstairs, we haven’t seen much of them. I don’t think Renée has even seen them yet. They’re a married couple and they have an odd schedule like us, I think. I do want to be friends and neighbors, but I think I have an archaic idea of having as sense of community in an area that’s not a gentrifying Church Hill.

I do want a sense of community, though. It’s a little hard to get involved with something because of my schedule, but I want to try. This is the most disconnected I have been in any place I’ve lived in Virginia. (I say Virginia because I loved North Carolina in general but I was going/went crazy there from isolation.)

But anyway, things are good here in the shadow of Monticello. The leaves are ablaze and it is gorgeous. I did a rare heavy-lifting edit today and felt as confident doing it as I did in 2011. I bought fancy pants yesterday and felt fancy in them today. I still do out of them. What I’m saying is I feel back to normal, finally. And it feels great.

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