the return

On Friday, I broke down and gave Amazon money for cloud storage. I got most of my music back just like that (I uploaded every song on LSWV during the trial period).

A coworker was able to mine V’s hard drive and I reconciled the cloud on Sunday. Additionally, I’m able to get back to work on finishing this final revision of Brown River Blues. I don’t like extensive typing/hand writing on LSW6, but maybe Santa Claus will get me a keyboard.

The jury’s still out on whether V will ride again. All I need is for it to limp into late 2014 or so. If not, I can make do with 6. Then again, I could befine with this tablet. I no longer need a full-on computer. Sure some things are more convenient on a “traditional” computer, but my only problem is that I can’t access my job’s VPN. And I don’t and shouldn’t work that extensively from home.

I have a screen larger than my remote control-sized cell phone. That’s mostly what matters.

Most importantly, I have my music back and only deafness, abject poverty or an electromagnetic pulse can take that from me now.

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