let us give thanks

I’ll spare you the food photos.

I spent nearly nine hours today cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  Other than my lunch and a few pieces I snagged whilst carving, I haven’t had diner yet because Renée is at work till 11:30.

Some of the things I cooked, such as candied yams and the turkey itself, were done for the first time. For others, it’s just been a while.

Today,  I’m thankful for not having to do this downstairs in that hallway with a stove in it. I really should have taken pictures of that sorry excuse for a kitchen.

I started out baking a devil’s food cake with chocolate icing. Next up was candied yams while I prepared the seasoning for the turkey. I capped that off with deciding to cook the vegetables with the turkey and try my hand at giblet gravy.

What an odd word giblet is. It definitely sounds like something that should not be eaten.

I then made mashed potatoes (in a packet) and (frozen) peach cobbler. I did not want to deal with peeling and boiling potatoes, screw stuffing and the cobbler was a gift.

In a few minutes, I’m popping some of that in the oven to warm, pick up Renée and then get down to business. I read up on breaking down birds and I did a fairly decent job, I think. I’m already looking forward to turning the leftovers into soup.

I’m exhausted,  but this feels great. I did take some photos and I sent them to Master Chef Mom. She said she was proud of me and my turkey. That’s all I needed to hear.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

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