boston or bust, part two

Twenty-eight hours and 45 minutes

One thousand, three hundred and fifty-one miles

An average of 46.9  mph

An average of 28.2 miles per gallon



I’m not quite sure if Dec. 27 should count as a day. We woke up incredibly late after how long it took to get up north. We took the train down to Manhattan to meet up with another one of Renée’s sorority sisters and had … “blinner” at my favorite Thai restaurant (which, surprisingly, is also Renée’s favorite), Spice.

Making it a long night was not happening. Renée and I headed back to Stamford fairly early with an idea of seeing some of that city but that wasn’t to be.

On the bright side, I woke up Saturday to an interesting thing: I didn’t have massive bags under my eyes anymore.

After some deliberation, we packed up the car and headed to our quasi-impromptu destination: Boston. I had talked to my very first friend, Dan, a few days prior and he threw out heading to Massachusetts to see him for the first time in 15 years or so. We kept the second half of our trip open-ended so Boston it was. We had some time to kill so I drove through the Central Artery and over the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge to say that I did it. A few minutes later, I was on Storrow Drive and getting ready to experience Boston.

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