1798: because i was told to

I set up a reminder to make a post at least once a week. Back when I had writer’s block/was depressed, this site all but ground to a halt (except for March, when I post at least 31 photos). I do have something, but I want the reminder to leave me alone at the moment.

In other news, I should have my car back early next week. It really puts a damper on my money, especially four months before my wedding, but at least I’m not paying the whole $5,000 for the repairs.

Really? Five thousand dollars? That makes no sense.

Speaking of that, I also have about a year to go before my car is faith and fully mine. next year I haven’t owned a car outright since 2006. It shouldn’t have taken nine years but  I made a few strategic blunders when I was starting out (and back in college), and I’m literally paying for them.

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