Theresa had a turn for the worse. She’s barely responding to anything.  I dropped everything and drove home yesterday.

I’ve gotten used to her being imprisoned in her body, but it was rough knowing it’s most likely the last time I’ll see my big sister alive. My mom and I briefly saw some family and friends to get our minds off it. I sometimes feel a little guilty about life going on in situations like this, but wailing and gnashing teeth for 24 hours helps no one. That was why I was fine with going to work since I first got the news. Being around the crazines helped.

Katy asked how I got away with a lot of things growing up. It was because I had an accomplice most of the time. Last night, I dreamed of having a conversation with Theresa about all the crazy antics we got into when we were younger. I had nearly forgotten some of them; it was like my brain held onto them for a moment like this.

I didn’t want to wake up.

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