I haven’t had an entry with text in it in a while. I’m actually excited about doing photos this March, so I’ve been focused on that. I’m also settling in to life here finally, and nothing spectacular is going on. It bothers me at times but, overall, it’s fine.

Now that the weather is almost consistently warm, I’m looking forward to getting outside and walking again. I discovered earlier this month that I regained all the weight I lost in 2012. And a little bit more. My mom bought us a freezer full of food and that has cut down my eating out a lot. I still need to master when to cook so I’m not slapping something together from scratch at 11:45 p.m. then going to bed soon after. It helps that my mom got larger packs of meats so I can cook nearly three pounds of pork chops and have lunch and dinner for a couple of three days.

I have to stagger cooking, though, because Renée doesn’t like eating the same food for several days. It’s never been a problem for me because I had no choice in my extreme poverty days when I was just starting out in the Tri-Cities. I would get a giant pack of chicken breast from Food Lion when it was on sale and some bags of fresh or frozen vegetables.  I’d be set for a week. I kinda miss spending $20 and not having to worry about meats or vegetables for days. I want to get back to that. I ate out once or twice a month in Richmond.

Anyway, I’m trying to keep what little money I have closer for the next year. I had nearly forgotten that I sent some things up so that I’d have my car and some other bills paid off in early 2015, which meant 2014 would be crunch time. Back at Christopher Newport University, I figured I’d have my act together by 31/32. I do, but I spent 22-29 in a hole of journalism-induced poverty, hence being able to find creative ways to prepare chicken breast for five days at a time.

I also thought I’d be married by 30. Well, I’ll be 30 for about eight more hours once Drew pronounces us man and wife.

In other news, if you saw the last two photo entries, I think we found our reception space. All that’s left is finding a caterer, me making sure one of my coworkers can shoot our wedding, FINALLY sending the invitations and getting suit rental locked down. I might miss out on a sweet deal because my wedding party is one short, unless I can convince someone to have a matching suit with us, which shouldn’t be hard. If not, whatevs. It was only a coupon.

Well, the VCU game is vaguely starting soon. Enough of this blogging nonsense.

I miss Richmond.

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