press awards

Tomorrow’s Virginia Press Association award night. I can’t say who won what yet, but I’m excited. And a little bummed.

I’m not going because now I’m in management and don’t write articles anymore. I also got the short straw, so I’m holding down the fort this year, and I wrote the “who won what” article running in Sunday’s paper.

I miss going to the award conference. It gives me a chance to catch up with some of my colleagues and friends, who are few and far between now, since many of them have gotten out of the industry. Also, (let me whine for a minute) I kinda sorta miss winning things. I have a lot of second- and third-place awards, but I never got a first. I can say I was a part of staffs that brought home firsts, but there’s not one with my name on it.

OK. I’m done whining.

But anyway, I do want to get back into writing fiction again. I’ve noticed that my writing volume has fallen of a cliff since about fall ’12 and I think I know why.

Since about 2007, I always wrote whilst on my stomach. I slept on the wrong end of my bed and had a table that was the perfect height for my laptop.  Now that I’m sharing a smaller bed, I’ve been on my computer while in the kitchen at my makeshift standing desk or on my couch. I’m on a quest to get something I can push to the end of the bed when Renée’s not trying to sleep and see if that gets words flying again.

I know I’ve said it several times over the years but my novel really, really is almost done. It’s just stalled now that I can’t get where I’m most relaxed when I’m writing. I have a transitional area to smooth over and I’m thinking of adding a couple of three chapters to flesh out a character. I also wrote a 1,000-word character profile on a dare that I’m considering working in. (I once had a series of these because  I wanted the characters who have a history to have a history. One of them is about 200 pages and only exists on a data CD from about 2005.)

I’m still excited about the whole thing. It’s the culmination of several short stories and what could count as a full-blown novel that began in 1998.

Hopefully, getting recumbent again gets this done.

Maybe it will get me an elusive first place for something.

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