Over the course of nearly a decade (and nearly 1850 entries), this blog has in some aspects faded into obscurity. It’s sinking in today, as the first batch of wedding invites are set to go out  in about six hours, that it’s going to be thrust in the spotlight by the virtue of it being attached to my wedding pages. When we were talking about the online life of our wedding, creating a site came up. After a couple of three minutes: HEY! I HAVE AN ACTUAL WEBSITE!

Well, it’s a blog disguised as a website, but I made something that gets the job done without Flash or any other bells and whistles because I haven’t done any coding in exactly three years. I’m basically good for nothing on the back-end now. I used to fix my own computers! I manually removed viruses from two computers! For shame!

I’ve used up my exclamation mark quota for the quarter in this entry alone.

But I digress.

You! You there! You’re either a regular, a new reader or a new old reader.

Yep, this is still here nearly 10 years later, new old reader.

Yes, I never mentioned I have a blog, new reader. Actually, this is a figment of your imagination.

This is a sprawling piece of near stream-of-consciousness vanity. Well, isn’t everything on the Internet nowadays? As I said the last two times I had an incredible spike in traffic, don’t expect anything spectacular here (unless you know where to look.)


This spring day was topped off with a visit to the wedding venue. I took a 360-degree video I have no urge to post. (It’s mostly because I didn’t buy video hosting here so I’d have to post it to YouTube and embed it and I’m already feeling tired just writing about it because I’m lazy and should have been in bed two hours ago.) Here are two photos of it as it’s just starting to come in bloom.

Purty, ain't it?

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain and isn’t to hot and humid.

I never thought I'd get married in a garden.

This is where the magic will happen.

I’m starting to really, really get excited about his whole thing.

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