on writing

The previous entry was my Facebook status. Other than spending about five minutes on debating on whether “respect” truly was the final bit of parallelism I wanted, that was instantaneous.

I’ve never been able to describe my writing process. Typically, it just happens. I almost never set out to write any of my entries, for example. I’ll get a vague idea of what I want to write and I just go. I rarely go back and edit beyond making certain I didn’t leave out any conjunctions or completely mangled the spelling of something, like resilience.

As of late, though, as I’ve said in many, many entries since early 2012, my writing hasn’t been up to my standards. Work on my novel had mostly ground to a halt. (The biggest problem now is that the damn thing is too massive for this Chromebook so every attempt to work on it leaves me frustrated. I have a list of things I plan on buying next summer when Nicole is faith and fully mine. LSW8 is near the top of that list.)

My mom commented earlier this week when I sang Happy Birthday to You to Theresa that I should get back into singing. When I posted the status there was a comment that need to write more often.

They’re both right.

I’ve also mentioned recently that I’m almost completely out of that slump.

I need to find a karaoke night. Perhaps the newsroom needs to get serious about forming a band.

I need to dust off a notebook and dive back into writing here.

I also need to get something that can handle a word document that’s more than 250 pages.

I’m awaiting for the fusion of the these exquisite bursts of prose and song to re-ignite my sun.

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