I have about 20 days of wanton growth left. I haven’t cut it beyond cleaning up my neck and cutting down my mustache since early February.

I still don’t know how I want it to look for the wedding.

My chin hairs have sufficient length to hang down past my chin. I kinda enjoy that now that it’s happened so I want to leave it. Other than that, I’m having a sneaking suspicion everything’s going to look how it always does beyond that. On the bright side, anything is going to look great after about four months of ludicrosity.

I can’t remember how this even happened.

Partially as a dare, I shaved my head Super Bowl weekend and pretty much let everything go after that. Surprisingly, there haven’t been many comments. I guess saying I wasn’t going to do anything until the week of the wedding was a good enough explanation.

It was a rough trip. Some men know that there’s a beard length where it gets annoying and you either trim it down or cut it off. I managed to power through it only because I have flirted with that edge several times, like in 2010. Oh, 2010 Beard: You were so majestic.

The last time I didn’t cut my hair for this long was back in high school. My head hair grew as fast as my beard nowadays. (Isn’t it funny how that reverses as you get older?) I wore a dashiki on the first day of school then cut my hair and dressed normally the next day. I also pretended my appearance that day didn’t happen.

But I digress.

It’s a pretty wicked Garibaldi at this point. I revel in its existence. I basically scraped my cheek off in 2009 and my beard returned as glorious as it’s always been, except for those rare periods when I think goatees or bare cheeks suffice. (Aside: No one ever let me have a goatee again.)

I think I’m going to Ben’s Barber Shop on Marshall Street in Richmond and let him do what feels right on four months of blank canvass. He’s one of two people at this moment I’d trust with such an important face on such an important day.

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