Project 792

I started a post title with a capital letter, which hasn’t happened consistently in at least five years.

That’s how you know this is serious.

I took a shower earlier and had one of those grand ideas that most people forget once they get out. Thankfully, this one stuck.

It helped that it was an idea that couldn’t dissipate: I have enough short stories amassed for a book so I should do that.

Unlike my novel, which is too large to be run correctly in this Chromebook (I’m going to get a new computer within the next year), the short stories are in the bowels of this blog or in Word documents that are more palatable to this machine. Compiling this all should be a huge problem unless these 10 or so stories are more massive than I think.

The next street is how I’m going to present this collection.

Although times have changed in the past 10 years, I’m still a little leery of self-publishing, especially since I want to go through the formal publishing house process for Brown River Blues when the time finally comes. From working in a related industry, I know that the circumstances of being published in some form or fashion can have a major effect being published in the future. If you’re at a weekly for an extended period of time, it reduces your odds of getting to a daily. If you’re at publication with a blatant agenda, that could have a huge effect on your where you go from there. If you can prove yourself in a bad situation, and/or generate a buzz from freelancing, you can pretty much go anywhere. How I proceed with Project 792 cannot be a decision I take lightly.

The name comes from one of my tags here, which was inspired by an entry that was one of my first that wasn’t me rambling about everyday life. I now think that particular entry is shit. The name also is going to be the name of the collection, minus the “Project”:


Obviously, there will be better typography for the book cover.

While I put this all together and figure out how to get a collection of short stories out, I want to be held accountable every step of the way. Once the wedding is over, I’m going to get to work on this in earnest. Apparently, there’s a way to give the illusion of two separate blogs in WordPress, which is what I’ve just done, I think. This way, much like a lot of the stuff with the wedding, you can somewhat pick and choose what you want to read about here. Everybody wins!

I’m excited. I hope you are. It’s time for a new adventure.

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