I’ve grabbed nine of the 10. According to my own estimates, I have one that’s floating around somewhere and one I need to write.

Additionally, I need to edit and expand some of what I have.

By virtue of some of these starting as blog entries, they are extremely short. Short is fine. In fact, one of the shortest is staying that way.

One of the longest pieces is a character study limited to 1,000 words. I’m thinking about doubling it at least to make it two character studies. They’re both characters in Brown River Blues and the second study exists in bits and pieces throughout that work. The events in “The Morning After” have no relationship to the novel beyond it being about two of the characters in it about four months before the action takes place.

The longest short story takes place a few months after the end of Brown River Blues’ action and, once again, the connection ends there. It’s about a character who was only referenced in passing when my novel had an epilogue.

I have a few ideas for the fresh story. The first is a fleeting reference. In the middle of a scene in my novel, there’s a reference to a murder-suicide. And that’s it. I mention that it happened. (There’s also a reference to deaths that are the pivotal scenes in a short story and a novel that will never see the light of day, but that’s neither here nor there.) The circumstances of murder-suicide warrant being told because it’s so out there and involves a minor character. But it’s part of the reason why  I don’t want to tell what happened.

The second idea is to modify a semi-abandoned novel. I got the idea for it when Brown River Blues was wrapping up, but I told myself I wouldn’t work on it hard until the Brown was complete. Then my computer died. I had a lot of ideas for what was going to happen in that second novel, so I might keep it as such.

The third idea is something completely new. I know something will come to me. That’s how a lot of these happened.

At least I’m making progress. That’s all that matters.

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