fun with the new entry editor

I think it no longer does spell check.

Or I need to learn how to turn it back on with the new editor.

The following is misspelled on purpose. The fdsolling be mispelled on prupose.

As I mentioned once before, I don’t stop to edit these things as I go so I don’t lose my train of thought. Sometimes, when I’m finished, I’ll go back, but, typically, I catch the most glaring of errors and let the rest go.

I get paid to edit at work, so screw doing it for free on my personal blog. No one’s forcing you to read something on a domain I’m paying for.

EDIT: Nope. Neither a warning about something completely mangled nor a confirmation of the entry being published. I think I’m going to figure out how to hold on to “classic mode” until I get forced to switch to the new version (preferably when the bugs are fixed).

EDIT 2: I got a confirmation this time. Whatever.

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