1890: december 2010

One of an occasional retrospectives to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the viaduct. 

Wednesday was my second day of being home alone while my wife is in Alabama. I haven’t done anything terribly constructive, but I did get to have a more or less hermit day Tuesday. I miss being to have limited communication with humans every once in a while. I need to enjoy it while it lasts, because kids are on the horizon at some point and it could be at least 18 years after that before I have at least 24 consecutive hours alone again.

One of the things I’ve done with this alone time is contemplate a few things in general. Like not meaning of life but stuff like how long I’ve known people and how it seems like some things happened yesterday.

Like buying A Typographic Map of Metro Richmond back when I was 27. I got one of No. 89 in the original run of 250. It wasn’t the best use of my money at the time in December 2010, but I figured I’d kick myself if that was the one and only printing.

Also in 2010, LSW5 was only a month old. In December, I bragged about how fast it was compared to LSW4. I had hoped V would last until this year at the earliest.

I was planning my epic road trip of 2011. I toyed with going to Boston for the first time. I wound up going to New York that March, and that trip indirectly led to last December’s trip to Boston.

(In 2010, I was still using LiveJournal, and the coding for special characters worked.)

We had a White Christmas. I took me a while, but I just figured out how I spent that Dec. 31. That was a great night I”m not explaining.

But anyway, December 2010 marked the end of my first full year in Richmond, and I was well on my way to feeling like I owned the place. And not just because I had a map of it on my wall. It doesn’t seem like that was nearly four years ago.

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