1893: anger keeps me alive

Technically, I shouldn’t have been off today. I missed being a part of breaking news.

I got locked out of my house because of an ill-timed phone call (long story), but, luckily, I found out how easy it was to break into my house until I fixed that.

My landlord obviously has my rent check for September but hasn’t cashed it.

There’s probably something else worthy of rage.

I’m so angry, I’m twitching.

I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but haven’t been this constantly angry at the world since 2011.

It probably isn’t healthy, but it feels right. It feels normal. I typically have a baseline of rage hard up against the red zone. In all honesty, anyone who has met me between December 2011 and nowish has seen a weirdly kind, calm, gentle me.

It’s all lies.

I’ve missed you, righteous fury.

Watch out, world, Elliott Robinson is back to normal.

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