There are a couple physical copies (and two or three virtual copies) of Brown River Blues that I passed out early on to friends for feedback and because some of them just wanted to read it, despite it not being done. There is a lot missing and the ending’s completely different, as well as a chunk of the plot.

I had a dream last night that I became friends with a literary agent who offered to take a look at the draft to get a feel for it and give me some pointers. When I told her of how finishing up some final details is on hiatus because I can’t open a massive word document of about 80,000 words, she asked how I was able to handle that. I told her I couldn’t, but I plan on remedying that in 2015.

Then we got to the book.

She said it would work better as a screenplay. “It’s picturesque. You describe these great scenes and then the action is heavily driven by dialogue,” she said.

I thanked her for her input and walked away, thinking about how I have no idea how to convert it to a screenplay. I did agree that the new ending would be interesting on camera.

I still want to see Brown River Blues on a shelf one day, but I wouldn’t mine seeing it on a screen either.

But let’s not get the cart before the horse.

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