1900: jumped the shark[?]

In retrospect, I probably should have officially ended this blog with the wedding.

I mean, the last time I truly did something worth writing about was in August.

Well, I’ve done more than work and hang out with my wife, but I’ve reached the point that “I crashed a Halloween party, saw a coworker play during a live karaoke event then drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway the next day” doesn’t seem noteworthy.

I can’t really talk about work either because 1) I don’t go out in the field 2) how a newspaper is made from a proper administrative side isn’t the most glamorous of tales and 3) it would devolve into the Overheard in the Newsroom website with an incriminating narrative.

There are things I could do or say but, and I’ve mentioned this before, I’m in a weird intermediary moment right now, and I’m not at liberty to explain why. Also, I can’t work on my novel or short stories in earnest either.

This will pass, but I do kinda wish I did wrap things up in July, especially since Project 792 is in beta.

Eh, whatever.

I’ve always said I’m only writing this for myself anyway.

But. for those of your reading who aren’t me, stick around. I promise it will be worth it.

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