the flurry peril is no more

Either last year or the year before (I forget which, and frankly, I don’t care), when WordPress had a box to check about having a snowfall effect upon one’s site, I said, “That’s stupid. Why not?”

For the past four days, I’ve been wondering how to switch it off within the site’s new back-end interface.

I finally killed the wintry bugger.

On a related note, I’m getting the site redesign bug again. I have next to nothing to do tomorrow so who know’s what will happen beyond ensuring that feldgrau, the official color of EXIT 265C & the viaduct, remains.

I could spend that time, I don’t know, actually writing an entry of substance.

Shut up.

I have a change on the back burner I can’t talk about now and, notwithstanding, there will be a lot of wondrous and exciting things to talk about as we approach the second half of 2015. Oh, yes. There will be glory, majesty and wonder.

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