righteous fury makes me hungry

That line never gets old. It’s from 301/302, and was used literally. I’m using it metaphorically.

Additionally, I cannot tell you why I own this film. As in I was in the DVD section in Circuit City, read the back cover and decided that this movie was going home with me.

But I digress. I think digressing four sentences in is a record for me.

I have mentioned countless times over the years that my existence mainly is fueled by anger and spite. That hasn’t necessarily been the case for the past three years. Sure, some people have only heard me laugh at someone’s expense. Someone else commented that, until my wedding, it wasn’t known in some circles if I was capable of smiling. I completely spazzed when this happened recently.

But I didn’t have the constant simmering rage that has been a constant friend since times immortal.

Then two delightfully enraging things happened this afternoon in rapid succession. One of which was a challenge.

No one dares challenge me.

I’m currently smiling, because I’ve been quite cheesed off for about 10 hours now. I want to call it the real deal, but I’ll know for certain in the morning.

It’s the real deal.

Anyway, here’s a song I love now because I saved an album from going into a dumpster.

Don’t give in, 2000 Man.

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