My fraternity chapter has shuttered.

You know, the one that moved into the house in May/June 2004.

The one I launched this blog in to chronicle my senior year in college/life in a fraternity house.

The fraternity chapter I helped found.

The fraternity I hoped any sons I have join. Bonus points if they joined that chapter.

We’re already formulating preliminary plans to bring it back.

We’re having a harsh retrospective as to what went wrong. The reasons are myriad.

As I’m at a point that I’m finally starting to adult properly, the failure of something I helped create particularly hurts.

I could have done more. We all could have done more.

The was nothing else we could have done.

It’s always hard to explain being in a fraternity to outsiders, especially one like what we had at Christopher Newport University, because we took pride in being an atypical fraternity.

Although we now lay dormant, we have our alumni network and all the memories we have and the deep connections we made.

We are brothers.

My best friend is my brother.

Although it was it was twist of fate courtesy the U.S. Army, my wedding day was 11 years to the exact day that the founders became brothers. It’s also the national fraternity’s Founders Day. My brothers were all but one of my groomsmen, and my brother officiated my wedding.

This break in continuity can’t take away what we had, what we have.

Delta Nu is dead. Long live Delta Nu.


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