It’s hard to explain, but I got a promotion of sorts.

My job is exactly the same at my home paper, but I now have corporate duties. I have to get a new editor situated at a paper in our group, and it looks like I’ll eventually travel to another paper to observe its operations and write reports and recommendations for it.

I did that earlier this year at a nearby paper, and to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Also, at least until our new regional editor gets situated, I have some authority over papers in our group.

I knew my job was getting redefined, but to what, how, when and even where was up in the air. This was the holding pattern I was speaking about. There are some other changes to come, but this is how things are going to be for now.

I’m more than a little excited. I had to step in and be de facto editor of another paper these past few days, and it was a good challenge. My position is one being created for me. I have a new goal in my career.

Let the adventure begin anew.

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