with much gratitude

There are far too many of you to thank individually. Thank you for the kind words, the distractions, the comfort, the personal stories you shared, the support and the love. It means an awful lot to me and my mother.

A lot of you asked if there was anything else you could do. Well, yes, yes there is. I have one final request for you.

If you have siblings, call them turdfaces or whatever horrible thing y’all call each other (because that’s what siblings do). Once the skirmish is over, draw them close and tell them you love them. Sure, it’s a given, but you cannot say “I love you” too much.

About a week and a half ago, before we knew anything was gravely wrong, I called my mom’s house. Theresa’s nurse was there and answered the phone. After telling me my mom wasn’t home, she asked if I wanted to speak to Theresa.

I’ll be forever grateful for those five words that were the last I said to her.

“HI, THERESA! I LOVE YOU!” I yelled in a loud, annoying voice. Because that’s what siblings do.

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