Back in 2005 — Oct. 23, if I remember correctly — I left myself a note to play “The Gate” by Belle & Sebastian at 10:43 a.m. a year later, or something like that. That morning in my childhood bedroom, as the sun was setting on my college career, I wondered where I’d be a year later.

When the notification buzzed, I was in my Petersburg apartment, getting ready to head to my first newsroom. I could have sworn I mentioned that in an entry here, but that week, all I really talked about was how I was using my old desktop computer, LSW1, after LSW2 died on me for the second time. Oh and going to the New Jersey Institute of Technology for its annual Halloween party. My car didn’t get broken into that year.

Renée and I have been talking about moving out of this house almost since the day we moved in. Closet space is lacking. The living room is too small to hold more than a couch and some folding chairs. The in-floor furnace up here and electric baseboard downstairs is too inefficient in the winter and I finally figured out how to keep it somewhat tolerable throughout the summer with just window fans (although we acquired a window air conditioner a few weeks ago).

I’ve resolved to be in a new place in October.

Dave shared Kerbside Collection with me a few hours ago. I said I wasn’t going to buy more music this week, but here we are with both their albums.

I have a reminder to play this album at midnight a year from now. It’s a Saturday and probably a payday, so I’ll at least have the reminder. I just want to pause for a moment a year from now and think about how I was sitting in my living room on still brand-new LSW8, listening to Australian-style West Coast jazz/funk. I want to think of the plaster walls, the Art Deco accents, this tiny house on the side of a hill, the apartment in Petersburg, how July 2006 was the first time I left the country and the first time I saw No BS!

I don’t know what the next 365 days hold, but I’m looking forward to them.

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