it’ll get you there

Recently, I changed my ringtone from Going the Distance to the intro of this song. I’d like it to be the chorus, but it’ll probably sound tinny. Anyway, the intro’s kinda majestic for a phone call.

I think this is the first time in ages that my ringtone hasn’t been a brass instrument — for a very brief period last year, I went from Layla to Pink Rabbits by The National, and for an extremely long time, then to the intro of A Moment a Broken by Patrick Phelan (you know, the guy whose three albums I’m obsessed with for some odd reason). There’s a trumpet in the A Moment a Broken intro, so that really shouldn’t count. But, anyway, other than that’s, it’s pretty much has been brass since like 2010.

Currently, for some reason, it’s speaking to me.

Hell, I know why it’s speaking to me. It’s wrapped up in one of cloak-and-dagger things that have been all too frequent lately that I’ve been having to leave out of the place I created to talk about everything.

Maybe, just maybe, I can talk about it soon, because I want to. It would mean the mission’s been accomplished. You, gentle reader, definitely will know it when it does.

Oh, trust me, you’ll know.

Never think I won’t share here, regardless of the space between posts of substance. That’s what we’re here for. And how else am I going to recount my life later? How else can I share with my children and my children’s children the story of an ancestor and how life in the early 21st century led to them? (*Drumroll* But I digress.)

Doing these things as of late, they’ll get me there. That’s my motivation. It’ll get me there.

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