I should be asleep. Instead, my brain is still running on all cylinders.

Once I reach that point in my revision, I’m doing what I should have done years ago: I’m partially writing Marian out of the story.

I mean, she’s still going to be in it, but I’m going to resurrect something from the end of one of the original drafts instead.

Her relationship with Lorenzo already is dead by the time the action of Brown River Blues began. It lingered because I felt I need to address a relationship no one knew existed and terminate it. Instead, it’s officially over when the novel begins, and Lorenzo’s dealing with the aftermath.

I’m a little angry about what happened afterward. It was one of those times when you don’t know what your character is going to do until he or she does it. All I’ll say now is that it makes more sense at the beginning of the action, and adds to the reasons why Lorenzo wants to get out of his hometown for good. Given their history and the time frame of Brown River Blues, the final revival of their relationship is short.

Since high school, every iteration has been pretty short. It was doomed from the start. I knew it wasn’t going to work when I first wrote about it. Hell, they broke up for the first time during the source material in 1998. I went over a lot of this before.

To be honest, I think I screwed up in creating Marian way back then. I knew what I wanted, but I was too young to know what I wanted. Instead of adjusting things so they could be together, They periodically crossed paths for the good part of a decade. It didn’t help that one of the first times they reconnected was in the wake of Lorenzo’s breakup with a girl he met his freshman year in college.

But anyway, although Marian & Santiago weren’t meant to be added to the canon of great literary lovers, they’ve both happy and sorta friends. That’s all that matters.

And, at some point, Lorenzo will be able to tell one of his grandchildren about how he once had an ex who shot a man.

(And she’s very lucky police said the man was hit by a stray bullet.)

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