i love it when a plan comes together

Well, this weekend’s plans didn’t come together completely, beyond having a three-day weekend that began the day it started to snow.

I had really hoped we’d get a dining room table and an armchair Saturday. The longer we’re in this place, the more I see the need for a real table and a place to sit that isn’t the couch.

I knew that D.C., Charlottesville and other points north and west were going to get slammed, but I fully expected Richmond to get oversold. It happens often — sure it snows here, but Richmond as a whole was unconcerned to the point that I had plans for Saturday and Sunday that didn’t involve being snowed in.

I had an appointment Friday morning to which I walked; two years ago, I wrecked Nicole driving back at the start of a snowstorm. I only drive when I absolutely have to in the snow. Additionally, I only drive in Richmond when I absolutely have to. As I figured, it started to snow while I was where I was, so Katy gave me a ride most of the way back. I would have protested harder, but I’ve been ignoring a cold because I hate being sick.

False sense of security

On Friday, it snowed then turned to sleet.

Before sunset Friday, some digging out began, and things looked pretty over. There were rumors of a second wave of snow, but again, it sounded more dire for areas outside of Richmond, and the Friday snow was well under expectations, so whatever.

Deepening false sense of security ...

One could even see the skyline Friday night.

But the storm came back the very next day. The storm came back — we thought it was a goner. The storm came back, it just wouldn’t stay away.

We ultimately fell into the projected ranged with a prolonged heavy snowfall Saturday.

Note the visibility.

Shoveled for naught.

For a brief period, we approached blizzard conditions.

The Spanish Inquisition of snow.

Where’d the rest of the city go?

Well, that escalated quickly.

That grain elevator two photos up is roughly four blocks away. The building that nearly disappears is two blocks away. I still held out hope for a concert to be on still, but it just kept coming down.

I did not leave the building Saturday.

Today, it was finally over. It also approached 40 degrees. I borrowed a shovel and began digging out my car. (In a complete lapse of judgement, I abandoned two shovels in Charlottesville.) The parking lot’s still a little rough, and the road linking the lot to the interstate wasn’t plowed as of when I went inside at about 4 p.m., so I’m not going to attempt driving to Mr. Jefferson’s city until Tuesday.

But I got stir crazy today, me droogs.

A neighbor said the nearest 7-Eleven, located across the James at 10th and Main, was open, so I walked downtown. Next to no sidewalks were clear, so I ended up having to walk in a vestigial travel lane on the Mayo Bridge going in.

On the way back, I took a little detour to see the statehouse.

Although it's illegal, people were sledding down Shockoe Hill.

If I didn’t have bags at this point, I would have explored more.

Additionally, I took the Manchester Bridge back to Manchester, because I thought it’s walkway would be clear. It was not.

But I was able to get this shot.

I'm liking my new phone's camera. I miss having a DSLR at my disposal, though

I love crossing the Manchester Bridge just for this view of downtown.

Tomorrow, Renée and I both work from home. I need newsroom noise and chaos to work, so I’m at least going to need music or the TV in the background. Also, I’ll need to make at least one phone call. This could prove interesting.

Also, I really need to buy another snow shovel.

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