mom comes to visit/one year

Last weekend, my mom came to visit. Other than my wedding, it was the first time she had been west of Williamsburg since 2011.

I put her up at the Linden Row Inn, which is just a couple blocks down from my job and was the cheapest place downtown that wasn’t sketch. (I told her to come in the fall next time — she used to come in the fall each year, and it helps that it isn’t tourist season at the time.)

The first night, we took her to a Brazilian restaurant. We didn’t get the endless meats package, but it was amazing. It was family run, unlike the big name in Brazilian food, so we might go back for all the meats later.

On Saturday, we had brunch at one of my favorite places that I don’t patronize as much as I used to. I’m a little surprised that I didn’t get a boozy milkshake while at the Village, but it was kinda a little too early for me.

Afterward, we went shopping. Part of the reason for the early Mother’s Day trip was for that. Although Hampton Roads has been roped into BosWash, like Richmond, it’s still a backwater of sorts. I didn’t expect to get anything out of the trip. but I have a new pair of boots. It fills a gap in my wardrobe, but emphasizes my complete lack of real athletic shoes for walking/running. I’ve been lucky so far that the shoes I do own except for one pair) are comfortable during the walk from my place to work.

When the “big city” shopping was done, I made dinner. I haven’t cooked for my mom since maybe junior year in college, and it was incredibly stressful. Overall, the meal turned out fine. The only issue was with one of the ingredients she supplied for me. It seriously was like out of a cooking show challenge. I got a bag of flash-frozen chicken wings, and they were under-cooked, despite following the instructions to a T. But the rest was amazing. My mom asked me twice about what I did with my pork chops, and remarked as she at them that they were better than her own. Not to toot my own horn, but she never got them right, and it was part of the reason I never really eat pork chops. I perfected my own recipe, though.

It’s a long, strange story, but validation from my mom about food means an awful lot.I’m beyond proud of those pork chops.

On Sunday, I had to work, but downtown isn’t as bad as it used to be, and I mentioned that I was just a couple blocks away. On Monday, I got an extended lunch break to go to Alamo and then send her on her way.

I don’t know whether we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day early each year, but we had to this year.

For various reasons, this entry, despite the timestamp, is getting posted after midnight. As some of you know, May 6 marks a year since my eldest sister died. Other than Prince, New Edition was her favorite. I don’t think I can stand to listen to Prince at all today.

I’m not as sad as I thought I would be today, but I’m OK with that. Theresa wouldn’t want me moping around today.

I wouldn’t be as amazing and weird as I am without her.

I love and miss you, Theresa.

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