ten minutes of terror

Tuesday, I mindlessly played with a binder clip whilst I perused some documents. At one point, the clicking it made sounded different. Then it stopped moving.


Well, now what?

One side of the clip was wedged between my ring finger and my wedding band. The other side and the remaining loop were snug against the band.

I shook my hand. It would not budge.

I pressed down on the other side of the clip. It only wedged it in more. It didn’t hurt, but it was in that grey area where your brain assumes something should hurt.

It’s summer, so my wedding band is almost too tight. If I ever gain weight in my fingers, there’s going to be a problem.

I remained calm. I gave myself about 10 minutes before escalating things to soaping up in the bathroom. If that didn’t work, I was going to excuse myself and drive to the nearest urgent care under  my insurance plan.

Not long after I took the photo, something wiggled the right way and then the binder clip popped out.

The peril was no longer.

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