Shigemi and the Sea

The writing streak has continued.

Ever since my Miami trip, I’ve been editing/revising Brown River Blues in earnest. Recently, I reached a point that was always an interlude of sorts where Sydney reflects on how she first met Scott and we also learn how a character’s son died.

In this revision, I’ve greatly expanded this section to give it a standalone title instead of tacking it to the beginning of a chapter. The chapter numbers skip it.

Shigemi and the Sea almost is a standalone short story, but it fills in some stuff mentioned earlier in the story, fleshes out some characters and eventually moves the story along.

One of my favorite things about it is the nostalgia. Even as I was beginning to write Brown River Blues, which is set in 2007 it was a time capsule. This section is set in 2002, and it’s been a pleasure to read and write references to AIM, PlayStation 2, how texting used to cost money and the struggle daytime minutes and calling people with a different carrier.

I have no idea how we functioned back then. It’s almost like reading something set in Victorian England at times.

Anyway, this section quickly is becoming one of my favorite parts.

One more thing: The video has a slight link to the story. The woman there is Kazu Makino. Sydney’s middle name is Kazu. Her mother’s maiden name is Makino. Blonde Redhead is one of my favorite bands.

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